Company Profile

SVGE Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) is a commercial enterprise of energy industry, oriented to solutions for production and efficient utilization of energy produced from renewable resources.


Key activity areas of SVGE:

  • Designing and building solutions for production of electrical energy coming from renewable resources
  • Integration of high quality components into effective systems crafted accordingly to needs and requirements of customers
  • Consulting and project implementation
  • Wholesale and retail of integrated solutions as well as specific components through own distribution network and through network of registered business partners
  • Participation in research and development activities
  • Education in area of utilization of renewable energy


We target our services to:

  • Retail customers
  • Entrepreneurs and public institutions
  • Investors
  • Companies of energy industry and electricity suppliers

Fundamental of SVGE activity is a team of people, having knowledge and experience in subject of energy from renewable resources, what enables us delivery of reliable and full-scope services. Our important advantage is also a very good relationship with our business partners, what influences positively on quality of our business proposal.

Our mission is active participation in a process of transformation from model with a centralized electricity and heat supply, where fossil fuels continuously increasing in cost are used, to model where meaningful role plays scattered, local supply, utilizing diversified methods of energy production, including those using renewable resources. We believe, that this transformation will allow to increase the quality of life of whole society and strengthen safety by increasing independence level from fossil fuels. We are fully aware that aforementioned task is a long-term process, demanding high skills and rational look, which are essential to keep a beneficial influence to efficiency and competitiveness of our economy.



Contact details:


SVGE Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kraszewskiego 66
05-400 Otwock

tel. +48 22 378 20 00
fax +48 22 378 20 01



SVGE Sp. z o.o.
Jatne 19
05-430 Celestynów


National Court Register no. (KRS): 0000387741
XIV Commercial Department of the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw
Statistical ID no. (REGON): 142961494
Tax ID no. (NIP): 521-360-66-34
EU VAT ID: PL5213606634